Februari 16, 2011

I Would Like To Become a MYSTERY

So sad to hear that, but don't worry hey you! I'm gonna be okay soon :D
Deleted from your list... UNLISTED or whatever it's called.
I'll keep smiling, coz everything is common.
INSIDE ME...there remains sufficient immune substance,enough to keep it in case something happen. Maybe I've made a mistake and totally wrong. I'M SORRY :)
if there is a conversation between us, might be written like this
- : (keep smiling and speechless)
+ : "Why you don't talk too much today?"
- : "I'm just not in the MOOD to talk today"
+ : "Why?"
- : "never mind - let's change the topic"
+ : "I don't believe u!" "impossible - if there is no reason!"
- : "UP TO U..."(upss soorrry my dear - I back your spell)
+ : "U make me feel upset, what's wrong with you?"
- : "I'm okay"
+ : "CK... why you looks so weird?"
- : "okayyyy...okayyy.. I'm just thinking"
+ : "About what?"
- : "NOTHING!"
+ : "grrrrr - if you don't like this and and feel forced, so I will lead you home"
- : "UP TO U!" (sorry I say your spell again)
+ : "OKAY - If u wants it, I take you back"
- : (freeze)
+ : "HEIIIII!!!"
- : (still stay coll :P and increasing frozen like a dripstone)
+ : "heeii YOU" "are u hear me?"
- : "hmmmm - my dear!"
+ : "You are so SUCKS"
- : (can say anything)
+ : "SO SUCKS!"
- : "may I ask u something dear?"
+ : "Hmmm"
- : "Who am I to u?"
+ : "Hahkkhhh that's unimportant question, you are getting weird"
- : "OK - don't you answer that question, I knew the answer before I ask the question"
+ : "what's the answer?"
- : "How many things that should I know?"
+ : "I don't know what u mean!"
- : "how many things that should I know? Maybe, u have some special story that I should know!?"
+ : "Now my turn to ask, what is your answer about your question earlier?"
- : "just let me know" (smiling face)
+ : "You are always annoying and makes me more upset" "OK - UP TO YOU - I DON'T CARE AT ALL!"

U know dear - I almost can't survive - but the real life make me strong - u'r not mine - I know it. :(
Sooner or later I'm GONNA BE OKAY, with or without u.
I almost unimportant to u, I know - I just filled your spent time - worthless

a proverb says : if we are hate too much something we'll like it and if we are like too much something, we would be easy to hate.
unfortunately, I have never hated anything to excess.
So... calm down dear - I will make you as the best person I've ever known - I don't have to hate you dear, because you are part of my story.

And for the last - I just want to give u a pending spaggetti - hope u like it
It's my turn to disappaer and I Would Like To Become a MYSTERY

Dreaming about that - that's effect of watching the romantic film in continuous time - DAMN!

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