Februari 28, 2011

Little Summary from February


+ What if I become a bat?
you become what ?
- I'll be the night

(nice conversation)

I heard my best friend discuss about it when we are on the beach last night. :D

BUT - that's not what I want to tell

a Long Saturday

i've got rc

I've got RC

bum bumm bummmmmm

Rotiiiii rotiiiiiii

bang rotinya 2 bang!


Happy b'day AIZ
happy b'day AIZ
happy b'day - happy b'day

Februari 16, 2011

I Would Like To Become a MYSTERY

So sad to hear that, but don't worry hey you! I'm gonna be okay soon :D
Deleted from your list... UNLISTED or whatever it's called.
I'll keep smiling, coz everything is common.
INSIDE ME...there remains sufficient immune substance,enough to keep it in case something happen. Maybe I've made a mistake and totally wrong. I'M SORRY :)
if there is a conversation between us, might be written like this
- : (keep smiling and speechless)
+ : "Why you don't talk too much today?"
- : "I'm just not in the MOOD to talk today"
+ : "Why?"
- : "never mind - let's change the topic"
+ : "I don't believe u!" "impossible - if there is no reason!"
- : "UP TO U..."(upss soorrry my dear - I back your spell)
+ : "U make me feel upset, what's wrong with you?"
- : "I'm okay"
+ : "CK... why you looks so weird?"
- : "okayyyy...okayyy.. I'm just thinking"
+ : "About what?"
- : "NOTHING!"
+ : "grrrrr - if you don't like this and and feel forced, so I will lead you home"
- : "UP TO U!" (sorry I say your spell again)
+ : "OKAY - If u wants it, I take you back"
- : (freeze)
+ : "HEIIIII!!!"
- : (still stay coll :P and increasing frozen like a dripstone)
+ : "heeii YOU" "are u hear me?"
- : "hmmmm - my dear!"
+ : "You are so SUCKS"
- : (can say anything)
+ : "SO SUCKS!"
- : "may I ask u something dear?"
+ : "Hmmm"
- : "Who am I to u?"
+ : "Hahkkhhh that's unimportant question, you are getting weird"
- : "OK - don't you answer that question, I knew the answer before I ask the question"
+ : "what's the answer?"
- : "How many things that should I know?"
+ : "I don't know what u mean!"
- : "how many things that should I know? Maybe, u have some special story that I should know!?"
+ : "Now my turn to ask, what is your answer about your question earlier?"
- : "just let me know" (smiling face)
+ : "You are always annoying and makes me more upset" "OK - UP TO YOU - I DON'T CARE AT ALL!"

U know dear - I almost can't survive - but the real life make me strong - u'r not mine - I know it. :(
Sooner or later I'm GONNA BE OKAY, with or without u.
I almost unimportant to u, I know - I just filled your spent time - worthless

a proverb says : if we are hate too much something we'll like it and if we are like too much something, we would be easy to hate.
unfortunately, I have never hated anything to excess.
So... calm down dear - I will make you as the best person I've ever known - I don't have to hate you dear, because you are part of my story.

And for the last - I just want to give u a pending spaggetti - hope u like it
It's my turn to disappaer and I Would Like To Become a MYSTERY

Dreaming about that - that's effect of watching the romantic film in continuous time - DAMN!

Februari 14, 2011

Traditional Pattern

feel very different than usual, trying to grown-up only at special times

Yesterday, I attended to the wedding party in South Jakarta - Bidakara buildings. Initially I had thought to wear jeans and kebaya equipped with a flat shoes. But I didn't it, at the night before the party, I tried wearing a kain batik as a skirt, Yihaaaa... I can wear it. Finally I learn to wearing kain batik and kebaya to the party and added the wedges as complement. although it so difficult to walk, but it's never hurts to appear more feminine.

Flowers Issue

Using black and white sunglasses to look at your personality.

Happy February :D

Februari 12, 2011


Dirumah lagi di bombardir sama virus flu - semua demam dan ingusan - KOMPAK BANGET DE AKH! - mana besok mesti kondangan - hukh malesssss

Februari 09, 2011


sorry! I've been copy and paste that pictures from google

That is a handkerchief, I made it especially for my sister Adilah. Hoping she would promote that handkerchief to all of friends :P . {otak padang bgt ya!}

OWL {kukku-kukku-kukku-kukukuku}

Why everybody always use the owl figure as a craft?
*maybe the owl is the one of symbol of the education* :D
-lah apa hubungannya yak?!?!-

Definitely, everybody loves the owl figure because they like it. :P

if somebody ask me, why do I liked the owl figure?
{emmmmmm... because I be the same with him - I'm an acute insomnia}

Februari 06, 2011


So we are!
Behave freaky as if no one sees.

Februari 05, 2011

The Old Lady goes to the Party

The night has come and I'm getting dizzy - tonight so sucks - What can I do to kill the night?
I've got an idea - let's go to the party - wearing the old dress and reach the happiness. (smiling face will act)

Februari 04, 2011


Last night I was very curious. That's because my head feels like bumpy. Because this afternoon, I banged my head againts in the wall (Okhh of course it was not willful, trust me!) Ukhh, so hurt - like be stricken by Megalithicum stone - lebayy :D
Bumps on my head ! Yihaaaaa - I feels like some fish. I forgot his name, I've seen these fish in one's room, that fish has a bumps head just like me. I was intending to ask the name to the people who have raised that fish. But I don't do that :P
Finally I do spellig words by words

This is my habit, when I forgot something, I'll do that, creating the words table on my head to spell out letter by letter. Hope to find the word !
I begin with A - then to the B - Add the vowels to the B ( a i u e o ) and do it continues on to the Z.

    A    I    U    E    O
A    Aaa    aaa    aaa    aaa    aaa
B    Ba    Bi    Bu    Be    Bo
C    Ca    Ci    Cu    Ce    Co
D    Da    Di    Du    De    Do
E        E    E    E    E
F    Fa    Fi    Fu    Fe    Fo
G    Ga    Gi    Gu    Ge    Go
H    Ha    Hi    Hu    He    Ho
I    I    I    I    I    I
J    Ja    Ji    Ju    Je    Jo
K    Ka    Ki    Ku    Ke    Ko
L    La    Li    Lu    Le    Lo
M    Ma    Mi    Mu    Me    Mo
N    Na    Ni    Nu    Ne    No
A    O    O    O    O    O
P    Pa    Pi    Pu    Pe    Po
Q    Q    Q    Q    Q    Q
R    Ra    Ri    Ru    Re    Ro
S    Sa    Si    Su    Se    So
T    Ta    Ti    Tu    Te    To
U    U    U    U    U    U
V    Va    Vi    Vu    Ve    Vo
W    Wa    Wi    Wu    We    Wo
X    X    X    X    X    X
Y    Ya    Yi    Yu    Ye    Yo
z    za    Zi    Zu    ze    Zo

Then I repeat to spell 'P', I feel that fish beginning with P, P - Pa-Pi-Pu-Pe-Po, I feel so strong, I choose P and O = PO. What PO? Poca-Poda-Pofa-Poga-Pona.. Hmmmm :(
What's u'r name hey fish?
I kept spelling, what if I add with 'an'= POAN.
POAN? hahkhh? JOAN?? hakhhh?? Johan A - the name of my friend in the college
Owwww,,, I know - 'L', LOAN
yuppp the name of fish with bumpy on his head is LOAN
but LOAN (cucian kiLOAN) :( I feel more annoyed

ZZZZZZ.. let's go to sleeping beauty :D
Suddenly I woke up again

LOAN - what if I add with the H letter?
Yup... LO - H - AN
In bahasa that fish called IKAN LOHAN but maybe that's the real name.

It is the chronological events that I did when I forgot something.
Hahahahahah - ga penting banget yauaa!?!?!?!

Februari 03, 2011

Sence of Crisis

want u to know u make me happy - want u to know u make me sad -lalalalaaa
hmmm,, I think that is the best words for u - u're so amazing but I can't deny that u'r so horrible. Thanks to all of time that u gave me, I'm very proud of it. Starting from the day, I hope never make the connection that's too close to you. Let's singing " lalalalaaaaa actually we were so close - so closeee and never to be devided - if we are be a paired - I swear - I would be the best thing that u ever had - lalalalalaaaa"

Februari 02, 2011


sangat mencintai rumahku yang jelek ini, karena disini kita bisa membuat apa saja yang kita mau.
Dari kmrn saya lagi iseng2 membuka workshop di rumah sendiri, kemaren abis belajar sablon - belajar tiedye sembari bantuin adil ngerjain tugasnya dan kmrn juga abis bikin origami. Rencananya besok mau bikin clay atau ngebatik atau ngeglow in the dark atau nyukil atau painting atau kerajinan tangan lainnya. HAYOOO SIAPA YANG MAU IKUT?

Februari 01, 2011

I Found a Treasure Papers

Tiba-tiba gue nemuin kertas aneh, YAAA!!! KERTAS jaman SMA dulu (kesannya udah tua bgt dah akh).
LAKONnya ada GUE, FEBY, Rizki, Jihad dan Ahmed.
Lokasinya di SMA 64 dan waktu itu SMA gue lagi numpang disana.
Semasa itu...hahahaha... diantara kita belom ada yang bawa hp tiap hari ke sekolah, jadi pake versi konvensional deh.
Lupa gimana kejadian kaya gitu bisa dimulai, kayanya karena waktu itu buku yang di bawa ke sekolah banyak banget, jadi kita ( gue and feby ) numpang nitip buku di kolong meja itu. Berhubung takut ilang jadinya kita titip deh sama yang punya bangku, lewat secarik kertas yang lama-lama menjadi bercarik-carik.

Balas membalas pesan berlanjut. Percakapan yang di tulis disana suka ga penting, tapi ujung-ujungnya kita malah berteman baek. Gue jadi inget suka telpon-telponan sama rizki sampe berjam-jam ga putus-putus (ga tau deh ngomong apaan!) gue pikir tuh anak suka gue! hahahaa.. ternyata GUE SALAH - rizki suka si feby :P Ya, dengan manis gue jadi mak comblangnya mereka. tau deh pernah jadian apa kaga.
Gue juga pernah dikasih stiker2ran timbul sama si jihad,,, (dan ternyata si jihad yang pernah jadi iklan motor yang suka sama gue.. PD nyaaaa) trus klo ahmed rada gimana ya tuh orangnya?! rada sok OK.. :P
Kita ga pernah ketemuan sampe waktu yang cukup lama, cuma kertas2san terus. Sampe akhirnya ketemuan dan si rizki kerjaannya maen kerumah mulu.

Eh iya, adeknya si rizki ini - lupa namanya siapa - waktu gue kelas 2 sma, adeknya kelas 2 smp. Kita pernah sempet deket (beronndongg ancur - tukang mabok dan ga jelas) tapi nekat nembak gue berkali-kali, BODOHNYA!
Tapi sekarang, gue sama sekali ga tau si anak-anak 64 itu ada dimana. Kangen juga jadinya. Cara pertemanan yang cukup aneh menurut gue. Kaya beda dimensi waktu, gue dimasa depan mereka dimasa lalu, bisa komunikasi pake kolong meja dan kertas-kertas doang.
ADA DIMANA KALIAN, di cari di Fb ga pernah ketemu.
Salam hangat dari gue :P