Februari 04, 2011


Last night I was very curious. That's because my head feels like bumpy. Because this afternoon, I banged my head againts in the wall (Okhh of course it was not willful, trust me!) Ukhh, so hurt - like be stricken by Megalithicum stone - lebayy :D
Bumps on my head ! Yihaaaaa - I feels like some fish. I forgot his name, I've seen these fish in one's room, that fish has a bumps head just like me. I was intending to ask the name to the people who have raised that fish. But I don't do that :P
Finally I do spellig words by words

This is my habit, when I forgot something, I'll do that, creating the words table on my head to spell out letter by letter. Hope to find the word !
I begin with A - then to the B - Add the vowels to the B ( a i u e o ) and do it continues on to the Z.

    A    I    U    E    O
A    Aaa    aaa    aaa    aaa    aaa
B    Ba    Bi    Bu    Be    Bo
C    Ca    Ci    Cu    Ce    Co
D    Da    Di    Du    De    Do
E        E    E    E    E
F    Fa    Fi    Fu    Fe    Fo
G    Ga    Gi    Gu    Ge    Go
H    Ha    Hi    Hu    He    Ho
I    I    I    I    I    I
J    Ja    Ji    Ju    Je    Jo
K    Ka    Ki    Ku    Ke    Ko
L    La    Li    Lu    Le    Lo
M    Ma    Mi    Mu    Me    Mo
N    Na    Ni    Nu    Ne    No
A    O    O    O    O    O
P    Pa    Pi    Pu    Pe    Po
Q    Q    Q    Q    Q    Q
R    Ra    Ri    Ru    Re    Ro
S    Sa    Si    Su    Se    So
T    Ta    Ti    Tu    Te    To
U    U    U    U    U    U
V    Va    Vi    Vu    Ve    Vo
W    Wa    Wi    Wu    We    Wo
X    X    X    X    X    X
Y    Ya    Yi    Yu    Ye    Yo
z    za    Zi    Zu    ze    Zo

Then I repeat to spell 'P', I feel that fish beginning with P, P - Pa-Pi-Pu-Pe-Po, I feel so strong, I choose P and O = PO. What PO? Poca-Poda-Pofa-Poga-Pona.. Hmmmm :(
What's u'r name hey fish?
I kept spelling, what if I add with 'an'= POAN.
POAN? hahkhh? JOAN?? hakhhh?? Johan A - the name of my friend in the college
Owwww,,, I know - 'L', LOAN
yuppp the name of fish with bumpy on his head is LOAN
but LOAN (cucian kiLOAN) :( I feel more annoyed

ZZZZZZ.. let's go to sleeping beauty :D
Suddenly I woke up again

LOAN - what if I add with the H letter?
Yup... LO - H - AN
In bahasa that fish called IKAN LOHAN but maybe that's the real name.

It is the chronological events that I did when I forgot something.
Hahahahahah - ga penting banget yauaa!?!?!?!

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