Maret 13, 2011

Nice Place to Play

Spent the satnite with her boyfriend :P
he is picked me up in the morning to work work and work but we eat Kalimantan noodles before - hmmm YUMMMYYYY!!!! lil'curlynoodles
Yesterday we saw the all photos of college, from MATASENI until the newest photos.
Suddenly I saw my exboyfriend:D and I thingking he is very handsome :P and I missed him that as before. SKIP IT!

voice of belly, yeahhhh I was very hungry but my boss is still on the way :(
He promised me to not to late and bring me up to the HOKBEN. God - finnaly he came at 12.00 pm and we are go to the HOKBEN SARINAH to dinner :P

01.00am - that's the time to go home :D
And I still have an appointment with two peoples.
we met and talked unimportant cases.
And we finded the best spot on the way at 03.00am :)
We play around and played the take and give for everything
Hmmmmmm.... yeah the best spot on the way - REMEMBER IT!

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